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Tip for Independence:

Have you noticed that your loved one has started getting around a little more slowly or has become unsteady on their feet?  Remove rugs from main walkways and check to make sure furniture doesn’t extend out into any areas that have high foot traffic.

Also consider installing grab bars throughout the home but focus on the bathroom as it has the highest fall risk of anywhere in the home…80% to be precise.

Pay close attention to the areas around the shower and toilet when deciding where to place grab bars. Place them in the shower to aid getting in and out but also in areas that will help them maneuver while showering. You might want to think about a shower seat for even more stability.

You could also use a toilet riser that will add up to 4 inches to the height of the toilet.

The goal is to keep your loved one feeling stable so they can stay independent and stay in their own home as long as possible.