Recliner Lift Chairs

Come visit our Chattanooga showroom with several varieties of Recliner Lift Chairs, Sleeper Lift Chairs, Infinite Position Lift Chairs, Zero Gravity Lift Chairs, Trendelenburg Lift Chairs and Power Lift Chairs in stock. Lift chairs are perfect for people struggling with bad hips, knees and backs and also for individuals who can't sleep in a bed at night due to COPD or other heart issues. Recliner Lift Chairs will help you with your mobility at home and help you stay independent. We offer lift chairs with power headrest and power lumber options as well as heat and massage.

Tips for Independence:

Have you noticed a loved one may need help getting in and out of their chair whether due to aging, arthritis or a recent surgery that limits their mobility? 

A recliner lift chair from Chattanooga Mobility can help.  With ample room and the same look as a regular recliner, your loved one will be able to stand without anyone’s assistance. A recent study showed that roughly 54% of caregivers experience injuries simply from helping assist their loved ones.  You can beat those statistics with the help of a recliner or sleeper lift chair.

The Sleeper lift chair is designed for people with congestive heart failure and sleep apnea who can’t sleep flat in a bed.  The sleeper lift chair allows your loved one to safely sleep while keeping their head and chest elevated and then raises them to stand after a good night’s sleep.

 It’s important to maintain adequate daily movement in order to keep limber and avoid dangerous pressure sores.  Some people may choose to stay sitting for long periods of time because standing up requires a lot of effort and they feel unstable.  The lift chair eases those strains and burdens, thus allowing more active and productive movement throughout the day.

With over 65 years of combined experience, Chattanooga Mobility knows how to help you pick the sleeper or recliner lift chair that fits you and your home's needs the best. Call today at (423) 875-3456 or stop by and let Chattanooga Mobility  keep you independent.